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Sampling Instructions for Bacteriological Determinations

  • The containers supplied to you are STERILE. Be careful not to contaminate them by touching any part of the inside of the container. There may be a powder residue in the container. DO NOT RINSE.

  • Where applicable, remove aerator from faucet. Sanitize spigot by flaming or disinfecting to eliminate possible contamination from outside.

  • Discharge water from COLD WATER faucet full force for at least five (5) minutes. Throttle back to a gentle non-splashing stream, to fill sample container.

  • Break the plastic seal and unscrew cap. Fill container to the 100-ml line marked on the outside of the container. Screw cap on tightly.

  • After collection, water must be kept refrigerated until it is submitted for testing. Put sample on ice during travel. We require samples to be less than 50 degree Fehrenheit or 10 degree Celcius when they are submitted for testing.

Please Remember

  • Samples submitted for Total Coliform must be received within 24 hours of collection.

  • Sample submitted for Fecal Coliform and heterotrophic plate count must be received within 6 hours of collection.

  • Samples for Sulfur and pH must be analyzed as soon as possible.

  • Extra containers are needed if any test other than Total Coliform is needed.

Laboratory Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00 - 4:00

CLOSED on Saturday & Sunday


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